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Mental Fitness for Women

In EIGHT weeks
Dial down self-doubt - dial up self-confidence 
with a Gym for the Mind

We know how important physical fitness is for our bodies but what about Mental Fitness for our minds?  This is the equivalent of what strength, cardio and pilates does for your body.  With a regular Mental Fitness practice you can handle life's curve balls with a positive, happier, calmer mind and live a life with less stress. 


Do you struggle with…

  • Perfectionism: expecting perfection from yourself, career and family?

  • Judging yourself and others, fearing what they will think or say?

  • Procrastinating: spending time on distractions or avoiding difficult conversations? 

  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious under pressure?

  • People pleasing: standing up for yourself, setting boundaries and saying NO?

Mental Fitness is THE Solution

Mental Fitness is the capacity to respond to life's challenges with a more positive mindset and less stress.  If we are not physically fit, our body becomes weak, flabby, and unconditioned.  If we’re not mentally fit our mind becomes hijacked by unhelpful thoughts and negativity. When you power up your Mental Fitness, you stay present, recover much faster and tap more easily into your wiser self. This is the foundation that truly enables you to unlock your potential.

We provide group and individual Mental Fitness programmes for Women at all Stages of life.  Taking you from a place of fear and self-doubt to one of joy, calm and wisdom.  The eight week programme of app-based intense practice to build new mind habits is a game changer in ensuring the new habits stick around.  Think of it as a gym for the mind!  This is what makes us different.

We can say that hand on heart because we have been you and Mental Fitness is the difference that made the difference. 

Are you ready to power up your Mental Fitness?

What is Mental Fitness?
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Just imagine when you're Mentally Fit you can...

  • Show up as your best authentic self

  • Increase your confidence, resilience, and impact

  • Take bold action

  • Set healthy boundaries and have YOUR wants and needs met

  • Find the path that fills YOU with purpose



"I would recommend this programme for anyone who wishes to boost their confidence before and after graduating and entering their first role in the world of work. The techniques I learnt really helped me to control my anxious thoughts, calm myself and put aside any inner judgement to ensure I perform at my best. The techniques are also life-long – I can keep coming back to them at times when I need them!"

Martha, Bristol University


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