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First and foremost, we are friends.  We started out as work colleagues forging our careers in corporate HR.  Over the twenty years we have worked together on numerous leadership development and coaching projects, we have gathered lots of experience, wisdom and a few wrinkles along the way.​ 


We are passionate about learning and in particular behavioural sciences.  During lock-down, we discovered and became certified coaches in Shirzad Chamine’s ground-breaking work in Positive Intelligence.  Women at all Stages was born out of our many conversations over coffee and glasses of wine and out of our shared passion to support women to stop self-sabotaging and live life to their full potential.

Lindsay and Sarah_edited_edited.jpg
Lindsay and Sarah_edited_edited.jpg

Our Ethos

  • We are all works in progress – let’s enjoy the journey.

  • Mental Fitness starts with accepting our own unique gifts, flaws and quirks.

  • Women thrive when they balance both tender and fierce self-compassion.

  • Women are socialised to care for others – it’s time to extend this to ourselves.

  • Women flourish when they are part of a supportive female network.

  • Mental Fitness is a daily practice.

What Matters to Us

​We want younger women to know that they can follow their unique path and it's never too early to do things their way.

We want older women to know how awesome they are and that it is never too late to make an impact and respond to their calling.

We want all women to know that they are not defined by outdated gender and age stereotypes.


Imagine who you could be if you said no to society's expectations and started living by your own.

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Sarah North

Hello, I’m Sarah and I work with female graduates who are feeling overwhelmed about the transition from university to the workplace, helping them to build their Mental Fitness so that they can show up with confidence.

Drawing on my years of experience from the corporate world, working in graduate recruitment, neuroscience-led coaching and an advocate for brain wellness, I feel passionately about empowering young women at the start of their career journey to become their best, authentically confident self.

I wished I had discovered Mental Fitness early in my career, and again when navigating returning to work after a career break.  I struggled with some of the challenges women face balancing work and home life so I can understand and empathise with the anxious thoughts around an impending return.

Building my Mental Fitness has been profound in how I show up; with regular practice I’ve cranked up the dial of self-compassion and turned down the volume of negative self-talk. I can respond to life’s challenges with a calm, clear and more resilient mind.

I want to fast track that journey for you!

Lindsay Hanson

Hello, I’m Lindsay and I work with women who are impacted by impostor moments.  Witnessing their transition from inadequacy and self-doubt to a place of self belief and personal ease.  


I feel uniquely qualified to work in this area because at one stage this was me!  Even though I have lived and worked in corporate HR in London, Tokyo and New York, and more recently as a coach and facilitator in leadership development, I always felt like I didn’t quite belong.  Worst of all, I compared myself to others and, often, found myself lacking.  A fraud. 

Discovering Mental Fitness and building a regular practice has totally changed how I show up in the world and how I navigate life's challenges.  It has also helped me to re-fire my life by moving to experience living in a new country, learning a new language and balancing that with doing the work I love. 


I feel passionately about working with women to help them unlock their potential too. 


After all, life's not a rehearsal.  

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