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Early Career - Showing Up With Confidence

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Do you:


  • shy away from speaking up out of fear you’ll say the wrong thing and everyone will judge you?

  • hold yourself back from saying ‘yes’ to opportunities because you don’t feel ready?

  • feel lost, beat yourself up because you're unsure what to do with your life and where you should be heading?

  • know you need to work on your self-confidence, but you don’t know ‘how’?


The first few years after graduating can be a challenge, it's easy to doubt yourself when you're just starting to learn the ropes of how to navigate a new job, new relationships and a new lifestyle but it's also an exciting new chapter in your life. When you build a strong foundation of Mental Fitness you can learn to manage your unhelpful thoughts, recover faster from stress and create new positive beliefs. With practice you will develop strong Mental Fitness habits and replace draining negative self-talk with energising self-empathy, this will not only empower you to be your most confident self in your first job, but it will set you up for the rest of your life.  What are you waiting for?


Are you in the first few months of a new job?  Have you already graduated or are you graduating soon?  If you are truly ready to invest in your Mental Fitness, please do get in touch for a friendly chat to find out more.



We're always happy to discuss how mental fitness can help you.  Here's how you can reach us. 

+44 (07770 394256)

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