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Mid-Career - Combat Impostor Syndrome

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Are you :-

  • Regularly falling prey to an inner critic

  • Guilty of second-guessing decisions

  • Constantly striving for perfection

  • Always setting unrealistic standards

It could be that you are new to role and feeling out of your depth.  Or maybe you are ready for promotion but not gaining traction.  You could be working with a challenging stakeholder who's knocking your confidence or you have recently started a stretch assignment and are feeling unsupported.  All of these scenarios can trigger impostor moments.  And this culminates in feelings of stress and self-judgment, limiting opportunities and holding back in life generally. 


You know that you are doing okay but how can you be great?  How can you perform at your best more of the time?  Building a strong foundation of Mental Fitness will help you speak up, put yourself forward and be your confident, authentic self.  Leading you to live life with more ease and flow, enjoying life's challenges not resisting them. 

With intention and practice you can rewire your brain and learn to think in more positive and resourceful ways.  A successful outcome is not about being someone else - it’s about becoming more of your real self.

If you feel that your life is being impacted by impostor moments do please get in touch to see how we can work together to overcome this once and for all.  One word of warning though, you must be ready to let this go and to invest energy in building the mental habits to set yourself free. 

Don't let your impostor stop you from getting in touch.  It's time to take charge and you don't have to do it on your own. 


We're always happy to answer any questions so book a call to have a chat. Don't let an impostor moment stop you!

+44(0)7786 070235

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