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Returning to Work

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Do you:


  • know you are worrying and stressing too much about the impending return but unable to stop?

  • feel overwhelmed by the thought of managing work on top of home and family responsibilities?

  • realise you are resilient and capable but feel you’ve lost some of your self-confidence?

  • worry that your boss will have the same expectations whilst your life has completely changed? 


Making a transition back to something which was once familiar is not always easy when everything else in your life has changed. 


Building a strong foundation of Mental Fitness will help you to work through and squash any limiting beliefs that are clouding your thoughts. You will come away with renewed confidence in your strengths, skills and abilities.  You will also be clear on your boundaries and have the courage to articulate them from the start both at work and at home.


With practice you will learn how to switch to the wiser part of your brain and tap into different powers to help you manage stress as you gradually get acclimatised to the new way of working.  It won't always be easy but being mentally fit will make it a lot smoother and enjoyable.  After all, that's what's important.


So, if you want to feel more positive, energised, calmer, and in control over the next few months at work AND at home…  we would love to hear from you.


We're always happy to discuss how Mental Fitness can help you.  Here's how you can reach us. 

+44 (07770 394256

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