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Re-fire not Retire

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Are you :-

  • Dreaming about doing something different - but hesitant to take the plunge

  • Ready to move onto the next chapter of your life but fearful of the unknown

  • Full of great ideas but wondering if this is the right time

  • Playing it safe for a few more years just until ...

All of these fears are keeping you a resident in life's waiting room.  What we have come to understand in moving to our own next chapter, is that there is never a right time.  Now is the time. 

Nowadays, when we "retire" from work, it is likely that we will have at least a third of life still to live.  That is why we call this stage re-firement not retirement because it's not a time for slowing down or being put out to pasture.  It's an opportunity to do something new and important. 

Building a strong foundation of Mental Fitness will give you the clarity and confidence to take the plunge with  purpose and self-assurance.  And when things don't go as expected - as they inevitably will - you'll be more resilient and bounce back quicker; able to see the opportunities and gifts in what has transpired. 

Are you 100 per cent ready NOW to take your life to the next stage, to invest in yourself and go on an empowering journey from hesitancy and waiting to excited and focused about the next stage?  If so we would love to work with you. 


We're always happy to answer any questions so book a call to have a chat with us.  

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