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The Eight-Week Foundation Programme
will change your life

It takes eight weeks to adopt new habits - that's why our Mental Fitness Programmes are eight weeks long.  Just enough time for you to cement new neural pathways which help you to think and behave in more resourceful ways. Join a group of like-minded women or join on a one-to-one basis.    

1 to 1 Goal-setting

This helps you explore your "why" in a  1-to-1 coaching conversation.  What does success look like for you?  We ensure you have completed the online assessments to discover your saboteurs and measure your mental fitness.

Game-changing App

A daily focus and three exercises are delivered to you via our exclusive app.  Fifteen minutes a day of app guided practice enables you to build mental muscles (neural pathways).  So with practice the new habits stick!  You have access to the app for a year. 

Bite-size videos

Bite-size videos are released weekly each Saturday.  These include content from Shirzad Chamine as well as experiential activities to practice your mental fitness throughout the week. 


Community Support

At the beginning of each week you will meet with your support group for a 45-minute facilitated discussion to explore that week's videos and how you can apply them.  The group also share learning and act as accountability buddies. 

Wrap Up Coaching

The programme is completed with a 1-to-1 coaching session to measure your success to date and to encourage your ongoing practice.

Some participants choose to follow-up with additional coaching to further embed their learning.


The Basic Ingredients ...

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Or if you have already decided that Mental Fitness is for you...

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