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Women's Life Stages

Nowadays women can be at different stages regardless of age and there is no typical path.  The stages below are the ones where we mostly struggle.  A regular practice of Mental Fitness can be a game changer in helping you to navigate these stages more easily and enjoyably. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed about the transition from university to the workplace?

You may be over-stressing when preparing for exams, interviews and presentations. You may be lacking in self-confidence and shy away from speaking up in lectures, meetings and social situations.  Or you may be worried about what the workplace expects of you when you get there.

You are not alone. Graduates often feel anxious about their performance in interviews and in the first few months of a new job. The shift in mindset from thinking of yourself as a student to seeing yourself an employee can be a large bridge to cross, but we can help … 

Are you 50+ and wondering if this is really all there is to life?  You sense that time is running out. 


You have been successful in your career and your family is grown and now's the time to do something that you are really passionate about. 


Or maybe you are retiring and want to start a new venture or business.  

You have all the skills and experience but lack the confidence to take the plunge.  You worry if it's too late to start something new. Well, now it's your time ...



Have you ever thought that other people have an inflated view of your abilities? Or had an intense fear of being found out and exposed as a fraud? Do you ever attribute your success to luck? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may have experienced an impostor moment.

Impostor feelings can strike at any time, although you probably know, its most likely to hit when you are doing something new.  New job, new boss, new company.  But it doesn't have to be this way ....

Do you find the idea of returning to work after an extended career break daunting?

Maybe you are on maternity leave, taking time off to care for a relative or maybe you are returning after a long period of furlough.  Whatever the reason, thoughts about the office environment are beginning to plague you. 


Whilst you’ve been away your world has changed and that little voice in your head is causing chaos: whether you can still do what you did before; whether anyone will want to hire you; what will people think of you…


Many people have fears and doubts about returning to work. Want to overcome that fear so you can return with confidence?

Thinking of another stage?

Do contact us and let us know.

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